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The parliamentary group of Bündnis90/Die Grünen in Leipzig would like to thank you for your interest and is hoping to give you a short, but profound and informative view of our work with this website selection in English.
Leipzig is happy to gain more and more new inhabitants of many nationalities, of whom some find Leipzig as their new home. Others stay here for a limited time only for private or work reasons or to study on one of the universities and colleges.
We would like to see that everybody living in Leipzig should feel well and at home in our lively and thriving city. To contribute to such a feeling is our aim as parliamentary group of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen.

Our parliamentary group is built by 12 members of local parliament (MLP). Their work as MLP is a volutary part-time work as they have other jobs as well.

Here you can find something about the political priorities of our MLPs. You will also find information about the topics we and the local parliament are competent for. For more special questions we offer you a range of links to other websites.

You are more than welcome to send us your ideas and criticism and generally invited to get in touch with us.


Our political work

Our work is committed to a good development or our city, to more protection of our environment, nature and climate, to a child- and family-friendly city, to ecofriendly mobility, to better education and social justice.

Only if we protect our environment and climate now will our children and grandchildren have a beautiful future. Therefore the protection of nature and climate as well as the energy transition have to be advanced.

For us climate protection is protection of nature and trees.

We want a social and just city with good educational institutions from kindergarden to university. Our policies are aimed to ensure the participation on the design of the city society of as many inhabitants as possible. We fight for equality of man and woman.

We fight for a eco-orientated industry and economy with future-compliant jobs and for a healthy and solid budget without debts.

Affordable living space and a good provision for the elderly are preconditions to ensure that Leipzig continues to be a city, in which human beings of most different nationalities and cultures of all generations live together in peace.

Where we can help – and where we can't

The political system of the Federal Republic of Germany has a clear setting of competences. The Bundestag (federal parliament) promulgates, in most cases on proposal of the Bundesregierung (government), the law. Bundestag and Bundesregierung decide on the guidelines of home affairs and foreign policy.
In example they are competent to decide on admission and toleration of asylum seekers, working permits, visa, passports and registration as well as German marriage law or the amount of social benefits. In cities and communities these laws are put into practise.

The Bundesländer (federal states) – in our case Saxony – are competent for the police, financing of culture as well as the organisation and content of the education system; in example the employment of teachers.

Cities and communities have the right of self-administration. They can, within the framework of federal and state law, deal with and decide about their matters in their own responsibility and competence. They are competent for all matters, on which there is no federal or state law and in cases, where they are given the task by law. They do not have the right to decide about their competences.

The city of Leipzig and therefore we as parliamentary group in the local parliament are, amongst others, competent for

- finances of the city, budget
- general planning of building projects
- public transfer, streets and pavements, parks, energy and water supply
- school buildings (!), kindergardens, afterschool care centers, youth recreation centres, play grounds
- social affairs (self-help, advice, care)
- help for the poor and homeless, accommodation of asylum seekers, care of the elderly, hospitals, addiction counselling)
- sports infrastructure, support of sports clubs
- support of the local economy (including markets and fairs, establishment of businesses and industries)
- culture (adult education centre, libraries, museums, theatre, opera)


History of Bündnis90/Die Grünen

The history of our party begins in the peace and environment movement in the former GDR. The peaceful revolution of 1989 began – beside Berlin – mainly in Leipzig. As the only succesful peaceful revolution in German history it forced the socialist dictatorship to give up power. The legendary Monday manifestations, on which up to 300.000 people peacefully took part in the streets of Leipzig, are part of our history. Many places in our city commemorate the historical events of that time.

In these days different groups of people fighting for freedom and civil and human rights joined to form the “Bündnis 90”. At the same time people fighting mainly for a clean environment formed the party “Grüne” (Greens) in the GDR.

 Already in 1980 the Green Party was formed in western Germany. The Green Party and Bündnis90 were united in 1993 in Leipzig to form the new party Bündnis90/Die Grünen.


Leipzig and its international partners

Twin cities are joined by a friendly connection between each other. They show the will to work together culturally, socially, scientifically and economically. Often they have a long tradition.

Leipzig is twinned with 14 cities.

Migration and integration
You want to move to Germany or have just arrived to live here? You can find information and tips at the following institutions and adresses. This offer is supposed to help you to feel at home in Leipzig quickly:
Brochure: Welcome to Germany!
The brochure contains 120 pages with information to questions like: “What do I need to entry in Germany? Is my qualification recognised in Germany?” Furthermore it contains all relevant internet addresses to counselling institutions. The brochure can be ordered for free and is available in different languages.

European network for migration
Here you will find information from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees about migration and asylum.

City of Leipzig – migration and integration
Office for youth, family and social affairs – department for migration and integration


Here you can find information and contacts of advice centres about the topics learning German, language and integration counselling, qualification and employment, health and migration.

Advice centres:
1. Caritasverband Leipzig e.V.
2. Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK)
3. Mosaik Leipzig – Kompetenzzentrum für transkulturelle Dialoge e.V.
4. Verband binationaler Familien und Partnertreffen

Young foreigners between 12 and 27 years can find special advice at these advice centres
1. Internationaler Bund e.V.
2. Naomi e.V.

City of Leipzig – foreigners department

E-Mail: ordnungsamt@leipzig.de'

Here you will find help and support with the topics:
residence permit, passport, visa, naturalisation, citizenship and employment. It is mandatory to arrange an appointment.

Advisory council for migration in the city of Leipzig, department for migration and integration

eMail: migrantenbeirat@leipzig.de

The advisory council for migration is formed by representatives of different political parties, administration and migrants acts on the behalf of migrants dealing with different topics and views.

Economic social support for migrants – department for social affairs

email: wiso-migranten@leipzig.de
Here you will get help concerning different kinds of social benefits and advice and support about health issues.

University of Leipzig – international centre

E-Mail: aaa@uni-leipzig.de

International students will find information about
- international study programs
- general information
- Leipzig Alumni International (LAI)


RAA Leipzig – association for inter cultural work, youth affairs and school
E-Mail: raa-leipzig@gmx.de

The RAA Leipzig is part of a Germany-wide network of regional working bodies for education, integration and democracy. Among others they offer language and integration advice, social work in schools, youth welfare work, victim counselling and inter cultural integration and projects.

Flüchtlingsrat Leipzig e.V. (Refugees Council Leipzig)


The Refugees Council Leipzig is an association of people working mainly voluntarily on behalf of refugees. The council is offering law advice, help and support with problems during asylum proceedings and with contact with the administration. In addition they offer support and classes for under-aged and grown-up refugees as well as beginners and advanced German classes.

Associations of migrants in Leipzig

Here you can find a list of all associations of migrants in Leipzig with short descriptions and contact details
E-Mail: migration.integration@leipzig.de

Religious communities and inter religious dialogue in Leipzig

E-Mail: migration.integration@leipzig.de

Here you will find further information about migrant religious communities of many religions, such as
Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jewish communities, Sikhism, a.o.

Discovering Leipzig

Hier you can get all the important information for your stay in Leipzig including accommodation, touristic attractions, trips to the region Leipzig, Eating&Drinking, culture events and so on

über Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (LTM)
E-Mail: info@ltm-leipzig.de